Hilary de Vries
by Hilary de Vries
Foreword by Allan MacDonald
The Barley Skimmers
Scottish Music For the Pipes
Book & study cd
Veering Westerly, Railing at the Moon , Ferintosh,  Isabel’s Tune, Camus Alba, The Famished Hound, The Barley Skimmers,  Jumping the Fence for Jock, North Kessock, The Buzzard & the Crow, St.Michael’s Church, The Circle, Bill Gority, Rhona Fletcher, The Dunnock, The Burn by the Road, Inverarish, The Knockbain Road, Heavy Hands, Loch Eynort

Glen Aros, The Loch Frisa Skipstep, Newhall Point, The Banshee Hoolie, The Curlew’s Call, The Little Blue Van, Cnoc na Craisg, Arjen’s Tune, Red Ruadh, The Twisted Hazel, Willy Gibboney, Dun Borodale, Munloch, The Horsetail Stramash, The Balmore Road, Ailean Domnullach, Il Baglietto, The Goose with the Unclipped Wing,

A Skye Birdsong Trio, The Little Brown Bird, The Sandpiper in the Heights of the Hill, Killearnan, The Wintering Sky, The Birdsong of Cuillin View, Allt Arais, Where My Heart is Still
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Veering Westerly
Allt Arais
Played here by Maarten de Vries
‘She has a very musical ear and pipers will find plenty of interesting tunes in the book’
Piping Times

‘The tunes definitely have an air of Highland inspiration’
The Chanter
An inspiring collection of over forty original pipe tunes. Covering a wide range of rhythms and time signatures, it includes music written in many of the different highland and island landscapes of Scotland, reflecting their seasons, birdsong and the people who live there.The notation is written in Highland style with an assumed key of A with no key signature and has Highland decorations.

The book comes with a study cd, played by Allan MacDonald, to help in learning the music.

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Composer & Songwriter
The Barley Skimmers book cover photo
A delightful collection of compositions by Hilary de Vries, arranged and notated by Bill Taylor. The tunes are playable on small wire-strung harp, and are suitable for both solo and group playing and for various levels of ability.

The book comes with a study cd by Bill Taylor to aide learning the music.
Heartstone book cover photo
Original Tunes For the Wire-strung Clarsach
by Hilary de Vries & Bill Taylor
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Alticry, Christmas Bells, Rosemarkie Burn, Heartstone, Auchenmalg, Bill Taylor's Tune, The Hunter & the Hound, The Hare's Dance, The Eagle's Flight, A Meditation, Sunflower, The Littlest Star, First Dawn, The Memory of Water, For Christy, The Blessing, Red Ruadh, Of the Land I Sing, On a Butterfly's Wing, The Colours of Spring

The Hare's Dance
Rosemarkie Burn
Played here by Hilary de Vries
Book & study cd
‘‘a great addition to the repertoire of a wire-strung harpist’
Folk Harp Journal
by Kenneth Steven & Hilary de Vries
Night Dreams
The Silver Darling
Played here on soprano recorder
A Song Among the Stones
A Song Among the Stones book cover photo
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Played here on wire-strung harp
The Dear Green Place, In My Own Country, The Tower, I Had a Dream, The Silken Thread, Sea Green, Night Dreams, The Honey Thief,  A Gleam of Gold, Blue Haze, Songbird, Moving Cloud, Untitled, On Troubled Waters, Green Willow, Rock Sea Stone, Firefly, The Dove, On a Red Sea Sailed, Into the Cave, The Harbour, When We Come to the Sea, Sanctuary, Skylark, The Irish Duet, A Silent Prayer, A Fond Farewell, The Gift, The Silver Darling, Blessed
Writer and poet Kenneth Steven's sequence of poems on early Christian hermits inspired Hilary de Vries to write the music in response to them. Together they tell the story of the hermits who made the journey in the 6th Century from Iona to Iceland. Known as the papar, they built stone chapels and cross-slabs, evidence of which was found by Norse settlers centuries later.
. The pieces can be performed individually or built into a performance that takes the listener on that journey with them.

Contains all 30 poems and pieces of music, and can be played on a wide variety of woodwind and string instruments.
The Barley Skimmers
A Song Among the Stones
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